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12:04 Friday, November 21
Port Louis, Mauritius

$1.0 = MUR 30.278
€1.0 = MUR 41.769
£1.0 = MUR 49.923 was launched in 2010 as an experimental research program to measure effectiveness of online media by estimating the capacity of online publicity for the motoring industry. Due to its unique location, population size, and economic model, Mauritius was viewed as perfect opportunity to conduct such research on a country-wide basis. In 6 months with 30,000 Euros of investment into advertising and marketing, became the most popular country’s website for selling & buying used cars in Mauritius. This turned into invaluable experience and provided the developers invaluable knowledge of the real market capacity of online media. Such knowledge and experience helped developers of to become a leading IT-company on the African continent in the automotive specialization. Currently successfully operates a non-profit project that focuses on gaining experience and research of data that can be used commercially in other countries. All services provided by both to individuals in Mauritius is absolutely free of charge. will, however, accept your promise to help a charity of your choice if your sales on are successful.

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2012 Toyota
Vitz U
Used Toyota Vitz U for sale in Vacoas
Rs 575,000 | details
2006 Mazda
3 Local Manual
Used Mazda 3 Local Manual for sale in Mauritius
Rs 275,000 | details
2002 BMW
Used BMW 318i for sale in Mauritius
Rs 350,000 | details
2007 Kia
Used Kia Rio for sale in Mauritius
Rs 200,000 | details
2005 Renault
Used Renault Scenic for sale in Mauritius
Rs 185,000 | details
1994 Toyota
Starlet Soleil
Used Toyota Starlet Soleil for sale in Mauritius
Rs 130,000 | details
2007 Honda
Used Honda Civic for sale in Mauritius
Rs 380,000 | details
2001 Toyota
Used Toyota Vitz for sale in Mauritius
Rs 220,000 | details
2006 Renault
Used Renault megane for sale in Mauritius
Rs 255,000 | details
2009 Toyota
Hilux 4x4 Turbo
Used Toyota Hilux 4x4 Turbo for sale in Mauritius
Rs 685,000 | details
2003 Citroen
Used Citroen Xsara for sale in Mauritius
Rs 160,000 | details
2000 Toyota
Used Toyota ee111 for sale in Mauritius
Rs 218,000 | details
2013 Nissan
March 12x
Used Nissan March 12x for sale in Vacoas
Rs 475,000 | details
2003 Opel
Used Opel astra for sale in Mauritius
Rs 200,000 | details
2004 Mercedes-Benz
E220 CDI
Used Mercedes-Benz E220 CDI for sale in Mauritius
Rs 475,000 | details