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13:18 Wednesday, March 29
Port Louis, Mauritius

$1.0 = MUR 35.050
€1.0 = MUR 37.884
£1.0 = MUR 43.503
$48.37 is a vehicle sales web portal dedicated to the advertising of cars for sale in Mauritius. The website currently holds more than 941 vehicles for sale vehicles for sale vehicles for sale, mainly used cars in Mauritius from car dealers nationwide. Maurice Motors mission is to provide a trusted and simple to use portal for new & used car buy and sell needs in Mauritius. A total of 16 new & used car dealers from all around Mauritius advertise their second-hand cars on Private persons can now also advertise their vehicles for sale on Maurice Motors completely free of charge. All autos for sale advertised on Maurice Motors come from a network of trusted car dealers. The selection of new & pre-owned automobiles spans every major and minor brands and includes all types of the vehicles. Buyers can find a wide range of vehicles for sale including buses, trucks, motorbikes, and any other kind of motor vehicles. The second-hand cars available on Maurice Motors cover a wide range of prices accessible to anybody wishing to purchase a pre-owned or second-hand car in Mauritius. Maurice Motors is a leading motoring portal in Mauritius, catering for all vehicle buy and sell needs. Maurice Motors is a trusted site to find second hand vehicles and automobiles in Mauritius.

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   Last update: 29-03-2017 09:25
1997 Nissan
Used Nissan March for sale in Saint Pierre
Rs 110,000 | details
2013 Toyota
GT 86
Used Toyota GT 86 for sale in Vacoas
SALE | details
2012 Toyota
Used Toyota Vitz for sale in
Rs 475,000 | details
2013 Toyota
Prius S Aero
Used Toyota Prius S Aero for sale in
Rs 830,000 | details
1998 Mitsubishi
Used Mitsubishi 4x4 for sale in
Rs 150,000 | details
2009 Isuzu
KB 300 LX
Used Isuzu KB 300 LX for sale in
Rs 455,000 | details
2000 Honda
Used Honda HRV for sale in
Rs 170,000 | details
2013 Mercedes-Benz
Used Mercedes-Benz B200 for sale in
Rs 1,050,000 | details
2011 Kia
Used Kia Sportage for sale in
Rs 565,000 | details
1990 Ford
Escort Convertible
Used Ford Escort Convertible for sale in
Rs 250,000 | details
2013 Nissan
NV 200
Used Nissan NV 200 for sale in G.R.N.W
SALE | details
2010 Toyota
Used Toyota Vitz for sale in
Rs 360,000 | details
2011 BMW
Used BMW 316i for sale in
Rs 825,000 | details
2012 Chevrolet
Used Chevrolet Cruze for sale in Saint Pierre
Rs 325,000 | details
2000 Nissan
Used Nissan March for sale in
Rs 130,000 | details